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Situated on a sprawling property spanning over 100 acres, our location boasts numerous trails, perfect for hiking enthusiasts and bird watchers alike

Translucent Acrylic Cabins

Each cabin is equipped with 360-degree blackout shades, ensuring utmost privacy whenever desired.


Perfect location with numerous trails, perfect for hiking enthusiasts and bird watchers alike.

Potbelly Stoves & Air Conditioning

Guests will find warmth from cozy potbelly stoves during colder seasons, while air conditioning ensures their comfort during warmer times.

Wood-Burning Hot Tubs

Wood-burning hot tubs for each cabin, provide a luxurious touch to enhance our guests’ relaxation.

At Aurora Tiny Homes, We Strive To Create An Enchanting Haven Where Our Guests Can Reconnect With Nature

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Turn Your Land into Profit

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Introducing Aurora Tiny Homes: Elevate your glamping experience. Our thoughtfully designed tiny homes redefine luxury in the industry, featuring stunning tempered glass ceilings and acrylic walls that offer a seamless connection with nature

Crafted in Bogota, Colombia,  with a focus on sleek modernity, our tiny homes are equipped with a range of premium amenities to ensure an unforgettable stay. Your guests will relish the comfort of electric floors, blackout shades for peaceful slumber, and the cozy warmth of a potbelly stove. Both the exterior and interior are adorned with meticulously placed built-in lights, creating an enchanting ambiance that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Step onto the deck, sheltered by a roof adorned with built-in lights, and take in the breathtaking surroundings. Inside, the attention to detail continues with exquisite woodworking adorning shelves and closets, complementing the high-end wood craftsmanship that graces every inch of the interior.

Own land? Start earning money with ATH.

Catering to glamping operators seeking to stand out and homeowners with a desire to offer unique short-term rentals, Aurora Tiny Homes present a lucrative opportunity.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and make an investment that promises unparalleled returns. Your guests deserve nothing less than an extraordinary escape, and Aurora Tiny Homes deliver just that

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AuroraTinyHomes Partner Program

Discover the opportunity to offer Tiny Home rentals on your property. 

A as a qualified landowner, embark on a hassle-free journey where we handle everything. From marketing your short-term rentals to seamless booking management, we’ve got it covered. Our partnership is designed for success, with partners enjoying a substantial 50% share of both rental revenue and cleaning fees.

Our aim is to partner with landowners who are passionate about hospitality. Here are our partnership terms:

  • Initial Payment: Landowners pay $7,000 upfront.
  • Rental Revenue: We keep 100% until $7,000 is recovered.
  • Profit Sharing: After $7,000 is recovered, landowners get 50% of rental revenue.
  • Maintenance: Landowners handle tiny home cleaning or arrange cleaning services.

Here's How it Works

  1. Initiate a Consultation: Let’s start with a conversation to assess your property’s potential.
  2. Qualification Process: Once you qualify, we’ll expertly position the tiny home for maximum impact and convenience.

Elevate with Creative Touches: Our ATH partnership extends beyond just rentals; we enhance your hosting experience with thoughtful bedding and creative touches.

Transparency through Reports: Rest easy with our monthly reports detailing rental revenue and the profit distribution, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Join Aurora Tiny Homes Partners today and redefine hospitality on your terms. Your land, our expertise – a remarkable partnership

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Luxury Catskills Glamping Retreats

Escape to an enchanting Catskills Glamping retreat, nestled across two idyllic locations in Rosco, NY, and Franklin, NY. Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and nature. These homes feature captivating tempered glass ceilings for stargazing, along with cozy amenities such as potbelly stoves, heated floors, and modern bathrooms.

Spanning 190 acres and 155 acres respectively, our retreats offer 100 thoughtfully designed cabins that seamlessly blend sustainability and comfort. Engage in sustainable farming, partake in agricultural activities, and explore the beauty of birdwatching and hiking in the embrace of nature.

Experience Tiny Home Comforts Under the Stars, Embrace Nature's Beauty"

Unwind, unplug, and reconnect at our Catskills haven, where each moment is an opportunity to embrace the serenity of the outdoors while indulging in the luxury you deserve.

Aurora Tiny Homes

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1371 Oak Hill Rd, Franklin, NY
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